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Top tips for keeping your car ready for its next adventure
Top tips for keeping your car ready for its next adventure

With the country in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably not driving your Subaru as much as you’re used to. If you’re wondering what to do with your car if you aren’t running it around on a regular basis, here are a few simple tips to help ensure your Subaru is ready for its next adventure – once we’re all allowed to get out and about again.

Make sure your Subaru will be raring to go

When the current lockdown is lifted, your Subaru will be as keen as you are for a change of scenery. So make sure it’s ready for The Big Day. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Keeping your fluids, and most importantly your fuel tank, filled up will help prevent condensation, which could cause issues if allowed to build up over time.
  • Keep your Subaru’s battery topped up by driving for at least 30 minutes every week or so if possible. If you can’t do this, you can connect a trickle charger (either mains or solar) or disconnect the negative terminal of the car’s battery; if you’d like to do this but need advice or guidance, please contact us on 0121 730 8166 or email and we’ll be happy to help. Any one of these steps will help keep your battery in good condition.
  • While you’re in the car, running the engine, we suggest activating the aircon, both hot and cold, and gently pumping the brake pedal to keep the brake pads free from the wheels.
  • It’s also good practice to check and adjust your tyre pressures before storing your vehicle. If you aren’t using your car regularly, try to check tyre pressures every four weeks. Most importantly, make sure you check them before you start to use your vehicle regularly again.
  • Sometimes, when a car is parked up for a long period with the parking brake on, the brakes can seize. To prevent this, release the parking brake and move the vehicle a short distance back and forth, while you’re running the engine.
  • To prevent the wiper blades from sticking to the windscreen, gently lift them off the glass and give them a wipe with a lint free cloth every couple of weeks.

If your Subaru’s MOT is due, don’t worry

The Government has granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing from 30th March, enabling you to continue to use your Subaru for travel when it’s absolutely necessary. All cars, vans and motorcycles that would usually require an MOT test during this time must be kept in a roadworthy condition. For added reassurance, you can contact your insurance company to confirm they are following the exemption period.

Subaru UK and its dealerships are committed to supporting the UK’s key workers, and we know that many essential workers rely on their vehicles. So a number of our workshops remain open to carry out essential servicing, maintenance and repair work – albeit with restricted access plus additional safety and cleaning procedures in place.

The opening times and policies of Subaru dealerships across the UK may vary, so please call ahead to check that they are open and happy to receive you before you travel. Some dealerships are also offering vehicle collection and delivery services, ensuring minimal contact for essential appointments.

What better time for a spring clean?

Why not spend an hour or two getting some fresh air while you wash and wax your Subaru? Not only will this leave your car with a fresh sparkle, but it will also protect the paint surface. At any time, be sure to remove any bird droppings from your car as soon as possible to prevent paint damage.

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