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What makes Subaru different?
What makes Subaru different?

At Subaru, we strive to build vehicles that are Better Where It Matters. That’s what makes us different.

Well, that’s the short answer, at least. Naturally, there’s a little more to it than that…

Subaru owners are discerning individuals. So we go the extra mile to deliver just what they’re looking for. Because what’s important to Subaru drivers is important to us. It’s why we build every Subaru with our customers in mind, always providing plenty of substance to match the style.

Like 70 years of engineering passion. An unwavering commitment to safety. And innovative technologies that really set our cars apart.

Subaru in a nutshell? We’re all about safety, capability and reliability.

Right across our range of stand-out SUVs, Crossovers, Hatchbacks and Estates, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible protection and performance – to keep you and your family safe while delivering driving confidence in all conditions.

Driving confidence. Every day, everywhere.

We have a long and proud history of automotive excellence – delivering impressive performance on and off road, all around the world.

All that experience means that, whatever the weather or road conditions, Subaru’s core technologies enable our cars to live up to our brand’s exceptional standards of delivering outstanding safety, capability and reliability at all times.

For you, that means that wherever you go and whatever model you drive, you can rely on your Subaru to give you complete confidence, ultimate enjoyment and ongoing peace of mind – year after year, mile after mile.

That’s a pretty powerful promise. And that too is what makes Subaru different: we make it our mission to manufacture vehicles that meet (and even exceed) the high standards that we set ourselves in these areas. We’re proud to be a little different. So we play to our strengths – and our customers love us for it.

Advanced safety as standard

We began performing collision tests back in the early 1960s, long before industry-wide crash testing was required. Today, all Subaru SUVs plus Levorg and Impreza have the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

At Subaru, we adopt a ‘no compromises’ approach to automotive design. Everything we do, we do because we believe it’s absolutely the best way to build a car.

A prime example of this is the fact that we fit advanced safety features as standard. Subaru is committed to providing optimal protection for passengers, pedestrians and other road users – it’s our ambition to eliminate traffic accident deaths involving Subaru vehicles by 2030.

For us, safety is paramount – not an optional extra. So you’ll find that our vehicles come with a range of active and passive safety systems, all fitted as standard, to provide the best possible protection for you and your family.

Built to perform

Our cars are not only built to exceed safety expectations but to also deliver outstanding performance in all conditions.

Subaru vehicles are well-known for their relentless capability – and that’s down to the expert engineering that underpins them.

For decades, we’ve built our vehicles on Subaru’s unique always-on Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) system. Permanent SAWD comes as standard on Forester, XV, Outback, Levorg and Impreza. Combined with a Boxer engine, it gives the driver maximum confidence and control by continuously shifting power to the wheels that have the most grip – to ensure exceptional traction and excellent road-holding, on or off-road and in any weather.

Our highly capable Forester and XV have 220mm ground clearance, to make light work of muddy slopes, winter floods, rutted tracks and other tricky terrain. Outback offers more driving height than many other estate cars, with 200mm of ground clearance. Forester and Outback also relish the task of towing a loaded trailer or caravan.

Combine the best possible protection and all-round ability with sheer staying power and renowned reliability that you know you can count on, and the overall package is pretty impressive.

Innovative. Independent. Individual.

These three words epitomise our attitude as a brand. We don’t do anything unnecessarily – and we don’t shy away from doing things differently to provide the best possible driving experience for our customers and their passengers.

Take a Subaru test drive and you’ll see what we mean. Whether you’re getting to grips with Forester, XV or Outback on potentially wet or slippery country lanes or prefer to put an Impreza or Levorg through its paces during a cruise along a dual carriageway, we’re confident you’ll be impressed (and walk away with a smile on your face).

Our network of Subaru dealerships is also a little different from what you might expect. It consists of many smaller, often family-owned businesses that sit at the heart of their local communities and are dedicated to offering outstanding customer service. Walk into any of our dealerships and see how it makes you feel – you can locate your local Subaru dealer here.

Is Subaru the automotive world’s best kept secret?

Defying convention and challenging the norm, Subaru rises to the challenge of leading where others can only follow.

Our unique approach to building cars has been recognised with a whole host of top industry awards:

  • Subaru – Best Manufacturer for Safety Features, 2020 and 2019 Driver Power Survey
  • Subaru – Technology Award: Subaru Driver Monitoring System, 2020 What Car? Awards
  • Forester – Best in Class 2019 (Small Off-Road/MPV Class), Euro NCAP 2019 safety performance test.
  • Forester – Best Small SUV of the Year 2020, 4x4 Magazine
  • XV – Crossover Estate of the Year 2019, 4x4 Magazine

Alongside these award-winning credentials, the Subaru brand also enjoys strong customer loyalty that’s legendary throughout the industry.

Why do Subaru owners choose to drive our cars? Well, they favour the Subaru brand over others for a variety of reasons – just some of which are outlined above. You can read independent Subaru customer reviews (submitted via Reevoo) on our website. However, it seems Subaru owners all have one thing in common…

Over and above all the individual experiences and recommendations, the one thing that keeps customers coming back to Subaru is the fact that they trust us to continue to build cars that are Better Where It Matters.

So, what matters to you? Is it time to discover the Subaru difference for yourself? Explore the range today and see what sets Subaru apart.

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