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Why choose Subaru servicing and maintenance?
Why choose Subaru servicing and maintenance?

Once you’ve discovered the joys of Subaru ownership, you’ll want to get the most out of your vehicle.

You chose to buy a car that’s purposefully designed to be Better Where It Matters – so we provide specialist support to help you ensure it stays that way.

The workshop technicians at your local Subaru dealership are uniquely equipped to keep your car properly prepared to tackle whatever you may encounter on the road ahead.

With Subaru servicing and maintenance, you can enjoy peace of mind that every aspect of the innovative engineering that underpins the superior safety, capability and reliability of your Subaru is in proper working order. This will not only ensure the ongoing performance of your vehicle, but also its ability to provide the best possible protection for you and your passengers.

It pays to provide the best possible care for your car

Every car requires regular servicing and an annual MOT test to ensure its safety and roadworthiness. And it will always pay to get those essential checks and any necessary repairs carried out by your local Subaru dealership. Why? Because our technicians know your vehicle inside out.

Most car owners will admit to being tempted to take their car to an independent garage at some point, rather than their local dealership. For some, it’s a case of convenience and location; for others, it’s the lure of perhaps saving a few pounds on the final bill.

But in the broader context, cheaper rarely results in better. Remember what your mother told you: you get what you pay for. Subaru service costs are no different.

All Subaru dealerships have made a significant investment in being part of the Subaru franchise network, bringing the Subaru brand to your area – and in the high standard of technical training they receive from Subaru.

When you’ve carefully chosen to invest in a vehicle that delivers superior safety, capability and reliability, why wouldn’t you want to access that specialist knowledge and attention when it comes to servicing your car?

The expert technicians at your local dealership have Subaru-specific knowledge that can make all the difference to the ongoing performance of your vehicle – and your peace of mind.

Dedicated tools and diagnostic equipment

Take your vehicle to an approved Subaru workshop – available at all Subaru dealerships – for its servicing and maintenance requirements and you’ll be giving it the best possible care.

That’s because all our dealer personnel (whether they work in the Sales, Service or Parts team) receive professional, manufacturer-backed training that meets the extremely high standards set by Subaru HQ in Japan.

Our authorised Subaru service centres have the latest technical information and diagnostic tooling to hand, including software updates and specialist servicing equipment – all specifically designed to fix, repair and maintain your Subaru.

We also provide a parts and labour warranty for all Subaru Original Equipment fitted by our trained technicians – something your local garage is unlikely to offer. So owners typically find that approved Subaru servicing and maintenance always pays for itself in the long run.

Exceptional standards of care

All approved Subaru dealers are monitored and regularly audited to ensure they’re delivering the exceptional standards of customer care that Subaru demands.

Local dealerships have a significant financial investment in both the brand and in maintaining their franchise. They’re committed to providing the best possible care for your vehicle by constantly demonstrating the benefits of their specialist knowledge of your car, its advanced technology and the pioneering engineering that it’s built upon.

You can expect a warm and friendly welcome at all times, as well as instant quotes for your car’s servicing or maintenance requirements, competitive costs and a guaranteed price for any quoted work – with no hidden costs and a full explanation of the invoice you receive.

Unrivalled expertise and a solid Subaru service warranty

Importantly, each and every service that your local Subaru dealership conducts will meet the exact requirements that guarantee the continuation of the Subaru manufacturer’s warranty. All service items, parts and lubricants will also be the correct specification and grade to help ensure your vehicle’s reliability, prolonging its performance for many more miles and years to come.

Your approved Subaru service centre will also always use genuine spare parts or parts certified by Subaru UK – with the added bonus that all Subaru approved parts come with a 3-year parts warranty.

Investing in expert servicing that’s guaranteed to continually meet the requirements of both your vehicle and its manufacturer’s warranty puts you in the best possible position to make savings in the longer term – and could also contribute to the residual value of your vehicle when you come to sell it.

And the Subaru-specific expertise doesn’t stop at essential maintenance...

In addition to having easy access to all the parts necessary to service or repair your vehicle, your local Subaru dealer can offer and fit a range of approved accessories that are available for your vehicle. Carefully designed to meet your lifestyle requirements, all our accessories are backed by Subaru’s comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Look after what matters to you

You know what matters to you and your family. You’ve invested carefully in a very capable vehicle, which provides the performance you need while also keeping you and your passengers safe. So why wouldn’t you want to choose the best when it comes to giving your car the care and attention it deserves?

The servicing professionals at your local Subaru dealership are dedicated to delivering the best experience possible. Choose Subaru for all your vehicle’s maintenance and repair requirements and you can rest assured that you and your car will be shown the utmost care at all times.

Contact your local Subaru approved workshop today.

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