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Check here first for advice about Subaru ownership, maintenance or repairs. For all other enquiries, please speak to your local Subaru dealer.

How often should I be servicing my Subaru?

All service schedules are printed in your service and warranty book. Please ensure that you service your Subaru in line with the appropriate schedule, as failure to do so can invalidate your warranty. 

In addition to regular servicing, some parts of your vehicle may require extra attention depending on operation and usage. Please refer to the ‘severe driving conditions’ section in your service and warranty booklet for more information on this.

Why should I choose a genuine Subaru service?

Your local Subaru dealer has invested a great deal to provide the best possible care for your Subaru. Authorised Subaru dealers and authorised service outlets have the only workshops with dedicated tools and diagnostic equipment specifically designed to support Subaru vehicles.

Your local dealer also has access to manufacturer training and direct contact with Subaru UK‘s technical support personnel. All genuine parts are supplied by Subaru UK and fitted by a trained Subaru technician. Excluding wear and tear and any service items, these components automatically come with a 3-year, 60,000 mile parts and labour warranty.

Genuine Subaru service therefore ensures complete peace-of-mind motoring – not only conforming to Subaru’s rigorous safety, capability, reliability and maintenance standards, but also fully satisfying your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty requirements.

If I service my vehicle with an independent service centre, will this affect my warranty?

No. Servicing your vehicle at a non-Subaru approved service outlet will not adversely affect the warranty on your Subaru. However, the maintenance must be completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and any service parts used must be of the same certified quality as the original components and fluids. The specifications of these are detailed in your owner and driver manual, so please refer to this before any work is carried out on your vehicle.

Please be aware that any failure of genuine components found to be caused by non-genuine parts fitted to your vehicle will not be covered under your Subaru warranty. Please also note that you are responsible for keeping maintenance records, as it may be necessary to confirm that the required maintenance has been performed on your vehicle.

What type of oil should I use?

The ‘service and maintenance’ section in your owner and driver manual lists the required lubricants and types suitable for Subaru vehicles. If you don’t have a copy of this manual, you can purchase one from your nearest Subaru dealer – or browse our range of manuals to see if yours is available online.

Will odd-size tyres or tread depths cause a problem with my Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system?

Yes. All four tyres must be of the same size, circumference, speed symbol, load index, construction, manufacturer, brand (tread pattern) and degree of wear. Subaru recommends that the tyres are inspected and/or rotated at each scheduled service. Please check your owner’s manual for further information.

What level of breakdown assistance do I have? What’s the telephone number for this?

For 36 months from the date of first registration, all new Subaru vehicles have full UK breakdown cover – including local recovery, roadside and home assistance. If you require assistance, please call 0800 777 127.

Do you plan on travelling abroad with your Subaru? If you have a petrol engine model registered before 2020, you can take advantage of a substantial 30% discount on AA European Breakdown Cover that we’ve negotiated for you. To obtain this European cover, please call 0800 107 2104 and quote discount code LM09. Any Subaru cars registered from 1st January 2020, including e-BOXER self-charging hybrid models, automatically come with breakdown cover throughout the EU.

How can I purchase parts or accessories?

Please contact your local Subaru dealer. They will give you expert advice and can supply (and fit, if required) any parts and accessories you may need for your vehicle.

My warranty has expired. How do I extend it?

You’re able to extend your warranty via a range of Subaru warranty packages. Please contact Auto Protect on 01279 456500 to discuss your options.

What should I do if I have a warrantable concern?

To obtain warranty repairs, simply take your vehicle to an authorised Subaru dealer within the warranty period, and present suitable identification to verify and request the repairs or adjustments needed. Proof of servicing history may also be requested.

I think there’s a problem with my vehicle. Who should I contact first?
If you have any questions or concerns about your Subaru, including any potential product recall or campaign information, please contact your local Subaru dealer in the first instance.
Who can I speak to for technical support?

Your local Subaru dealer is always the best source for technical advice and parts supply. All our dealers are technical experts and will be able to assist you. Find your nearest Subaru dealer here.

I have an issue with my vehicle. Who should I contact?

If your concern relates to the servicing or maintenance of a vehicle, you should discuss the matter with the Service Manager of the dealership. If it relates to a vehicle sale, please speak to the dealership’s Sales Manager. If you can’t resolve matters after speaking to either the Service or Sales Manager, we advise directing your concerns to the Dealer Principal. If the Dealer Principal proves unable to help, please contact Subaru UK by registering a case.

Why should I register a case?

Putting your concern in writing lets you tell us exactly what the issue is and what resolution you’re hoping to achieve. It also allows us the time to investigate the situation properly. We aim to reply to all cases within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends or bank holidays when we’re closed.

How do I change my address, change the private registration number or register as a new keeper with Subaru UK and Subaru Assist?

To register as a new keeper, please visit your nearest Subaru dealer with a copy of your V5 Registration document as proof of address. The dealer will be able to change the owner details on the Subaru UK system. If the vehicle is less than 36 months old, this will automatically generate a new Subaru Assistance card for you. If you require a private registration change, please forward a copy of your V5 registration document showing the new registration to:

Allocation Department

Subaru UK

The Gate

International Drive


B90 4WA

How do I update my details, register as a new user or purchase credit on my Tracker System?

If you’re the owner of an WRX STI model, please visit ScorpionTrack or METASAT TRACKER for more information.

How do I request a Certificate of Conformity (COC)?

If you need to obtain a COC, you can request this using our case management system.

How do I check whether my vehicle has a product recall?
You can either ask your local Subaru dealer directly or enter your details on The Motor Ombudsman website.
What should I do if I receive a recall notification?

Please contact your local Subaru dealer to book your vehicle in, so the recall work can be carried out as soon as possible. All recall work (including labour and parts) is free of charge.

How do I scrap my Subaru?

If your Subaru has served you well for many years and now come to the end of its useful life, you can scrap the vehicle in accordance with The ELV Directive. The ELV Directive seeks to prevent or limit waste and improve the re-use, recycling and recovery of older vehicles and their components. If you wish to dispose of your old Subaru, please contact our contracted representatives Autogreen on 0800 5422002, who will advise you about the location of your closest Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Alternatively, speak to your local Subaru dealer.

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class customer care and will aim to do whatever’s reasonably possible to resolve any issue you may have with your Subaru vehicle. In the first instance, please always speak to your local Subaru dealer if you have any concerns. If you feel you don’t get a satisfactory resolution through your local dealer, please register a case on our system.

In extreme (and unlikely) situations, if you’re unhappy with the way in which Subaru UK has resolved your issue, you can opt to consult The Motor Ombudsman, as we abide by the Motor Industry New Car Code of Practice.


Please speak to your local Subaru dealer in the first instance to see if they can help.

If your issue is still unresolved, get in touch with Subaru UK.