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A Day in the Life with a Subaru Solterra
Since launching our first all-electric vehicle, we’ve received both excitement and apprehension from the public about the EV lifestyle. To help demonstrate what day-to-day life is like living with a Subaru Solterra, we have reached out to one of our all-electric customers, who has now driven over 35,000 miles within the past year. After asking him a few questions, we got a better understanding as to why the Solterra suits his lifestyle so well.
What do you usually use your Solterra for on a day-to-day basis?
I would say I have a busy lifestyle. This includes visiting farming client’s properties within my standard workday, as well as helping to run the local Scouts group in the summer, which is packed with activities. Both busy positions require me to drive across a lot of uneven terrains and off-road routes, which the Solterra has tackled brilliantly.
How does the Solterra compare to the previous Subaru’s that you have had?
I previously owned an Outback and I have found that that many of the features in the Solterra are the same as in the Outback;I feel that this will bring comfort to other Subaru customers who are already familiar with the Outback, and they can appreciate any new enhancements in the Solterra.
Did you find the move to an all-electric vehicle difficult?
Before purchasing the Solterra, I had already owned another electric vehicle, that was used as a second family car for a few years. So, I was very aware of the driving experience that an all-electric vehicle brings. But after purchasing the Solterra as our main vehicle, we, as a family, are now a fully electric converted household!
Do you find it challenging to use public charging stations?
There have been no issues with using public charging stations and I find that they’ve been distributed a lot more across the country in recent years. I never need to spend a lot of time public charging, and with the UK still adapting to all-electric vehicles, I can only see it getting better from here.
The only time we’ve struggled was on the way back from a family holiday when; there were very long queues for the charging stations. It wasn’t ideal, but we managed.
How long does a full battery last you before charging again?
Maintaining a full battery in an electric vehicle can depend on the time of year as well as the roughness of the roads, as both factors can affect the range. I’d say that during the summer, the battery can cover its usual expected mileage. However, in the winter, the battery's performance is impacted by the colder temperatures, resulting in less mileage than usual. This is the same for any electric vehicle, so is not unique to Subaru. 
Have you had any issues with owning an electrical vehicle that you can think of?
I’ve had no issues adapting to the electric vehicle lifestyle and have only experienced one fault with the Solterra, which was dealt with very promptly by my local Subaru dealer under the vehicle warranty. 
Will you now be purchasing electrical vehicles in the future, or will you go back to fuel?
I am now 100% converted to the all-electric lifestyle. Being able to charge at home overnight is a huge advantage, as it saves a considerable amount of money and time in the long run compared to the higher cost of fuel.
Would you recommend going all-electric to family and friends?
If the person can charge their vehicle at home or access cost-effective overnight charging, then yes! However, it may not suit someone who has a long daily commute. Despite this, I have personally driven 35,000 miles in my Subaru Solterra within the past year, and it has now become our primary family car – not to mention the adventures had with the Scouts!
We currently have a range of Subau cars for sale including the Solterra, Crosstrek, Forester e-Boxer, and Outback.

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