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Winter doesn’t do your car any favours. Longer nights, wind, rain, ice, snow (and salt spread over roads to combat them) can all conspire to make driving tricky at best – and positively dangerous at worst. Winter means longer nights, rain, wind, ice and snow, so we’re here to give you the best advice on maintaining your car during this season!
1. Check your tyres. 
Tyres are very important during winter which is why you will need to ensure that you have the correct amount of tread depth and that your tyre pressure matches the numbers in your owner’s handbook. When checking your tyres, it is handy to look out for anything that may be stuck such as nails, broken glass, or large stones.
2. Car battery maintenance.
Some car batteries tend to find it more difficult to operate in low temperatures, so it is important to get your battery checked before we head into icy weather – especially if you plan on making some long journeys.
3. Test your lights are working.
During the winter, we tend to spend the most time driving in the dark so ensuring your headlights are intact is essential. If any of the bulbs aren’t working, you can easily replace them! 
4. Top up your antifreeze if needed.
Antifreeze is a must-have during the winter as it stops the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing. Usually, it should be changed every 2-5 years, so check you have enough to be safe.
5. Windscreen wiper check.
To ensure you are constantly able to see, even in the roughest of weather, your windscreen wipers will need to be checked for any possible damage, including tears or holes – it may be that they need replacing! Don’t forget to top up your washer fluid when needed; driving during winter means your windscreen is a lot more vulnerable to grime stains!
By following these 5 simple tips, you can ensure that your Subaru is ready to hit the roads this upcoming season in the safest possible way!

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