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After over a century of reliance on combustion engines, a notable shift in vehicle power sources has emerged, signifying a transformative step into the future. Electric vehicles embody this progressive evolution, promising benefits such as reduced fuel expenditure, decreased emissions, and less maintenance. Here is all you need to know about switching to electric.


Reduced fuel costs


With electricity typically being cheaper per mile compared to petrol, you can expect to see considerable savings in your annual fuel expenditure. Studies show that, on average, electric cars can be 21% cheaper in terms of running costs compared to a comparable petrol vehicle (source: Octopus EV). When buying an electric car, you can enjoy the financial benefit of lower fuel costs, ultimately leading to long-term savings and a more economical driving experience.


Environmentally friendly


The overall carbon footprint of electric vehicles is currently estimated to be 50%-80% better than a combustion engine vehicle, considering the reduced emissions associated with electricity generation compared to the refining and burning of fossil fuels. In addition to their environmental benefits, electric cars often qualify for lower road tax or even exemptions in many regions. By choosing an electric car, you can not only contribute to cleaner air and a healthier planet but also enjoy financial benefits through reduced road tax expenses.


Less maintenance


Maintenance for electric cars is typically less frequent and cheaper compared to other cars. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, which means fewer components require regular servicing or replacement. Additionally, regenerative braking systems in electric cars help to extend the lifespan of brake pads and discs by reducing wear and tear. With fewer maintenance requirements and lower upkeep costs, you can enjoy greater peace of mind and financial savings, making the switch to electric vehicles an attractive option.


Constant connectivity


Seamlessly integrated with both your vehicle and the in-car multimedia system, the Subaru Care app operates right from your smartphone or tablet. It grants you remote access to a plethora of information and functions, allowing you to interact with your Solterra even when you're not behind the wheel. Whether you're checking on the vehicle's status, adjusting settings, or planning your next trip, the Subaru Care app puts control at your fingertips.


Buying an electric car


From significant savings on fuel expenditure to contributing to cleaner air and enjoying the convenience of constant connectivity through innovations like the Subaru Care app, the benefits of electric cars extend far beyond just getting from point A to point B.


Want to find out more? Please visit our electric car FAQ page to find all the answers you need.


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