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“We are very lucky to have walked away unharmed”.

We believe world-class safety is essential.

Subaru strives to ensure all of our vehicles are built ‘Better Where It Matters’ and we truly believe that safety is paramount. This is why our cars are fitted with a host of innovative safety technologies as standard.

We are proud to make some of the safest vehicles on the road and our entire range boast the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. Our vision of safety first is built around our four pillars of protection:

- Primary safety
- Active safety
- Passive safety
- Preventative safety

All four of these safety features combined will ensure maximum safety of the driver and passengers alike, giving you that extra peace of mind when driving on the roads – no matter what the weather or road conditions.

Safety you can rely on
On 20th October, it was the Subaru’s passive safety that protected Anthony and his family from serious injury when they were involved in a horrific accident.

After a lovely holiday in Scotland, Anthony, his wife, and their beloved dog were driving back home in high spirits when storm Babet hit.

As Anthony drove around a corner, a large tree came crashing down on top of his 2021 Forester.
With branches penetrating the sunroof and windscreen, crushing their dog’s crate, it was a miracle that no human or animal was injured during the crash – even with the amount of glass that entered the car.

Anthony and his passengers safely emerged from the vehicle to access their situation and to their shock, the Subaru Forester was still very much standing strong! Thanks to the strength of the ring-shaped reinforcement frame there was minimal damage to the roof of the car and all the doors and windows were still intact and usable. The purpose of this design feature is to help divert and dissipate impact energy and also maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle in an accident.

Still needing needing to get to shelter during the awful storm, Anthony and his family carefully climbed back into the Forester and drove to the nearest town for assistance – unfortunately, their 2021 Subaru Forester was still written off from the damage it did receive but miraculously they were all unharmed. 

Safe and sound
The team here at Subaru UK could not be more relieved that everyone who was inside the Forester managed to walk away completely unscathed. 

Anthony said: “One of the biggest benefits of the Subaru Forester is the structural integrity that was kept of the car from the force of the tree. We will be purchasing another Subaru purely because of the safety.”

Although damage was done to the car, Anthony and his wife believe that the shell of the car protected them both as well as the dog from any harm, and this has now led them to look for their next Subaru!

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