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Rally car driver Louise Cook has taken on the challenge to bring some festive joy to those working above, attempting to make her Subaru Impreza seen by the international space station!

To make the astronauts aware that we are thinking about them at this time of year, Louise spent the entire day covering her Subaru from top to bottom in Christmas lights before the space station passed back over, hoping to showcase her new festive Impreza.

As the evening drew in and it became dark, she monitored a light pollution map that would point out the nearest darkest area and drove her Subaru to the top of a high hill with no surrounding lights to make sure her work of art could really stand out to those in the space station.

At the moment when Louise knew the space station would be passing by, she turned on all the Christmas lights she had decorated her Impreza with and counted down the minutes when they would be passing by.

As a bright light came over the horizon, she saw that they were flying over at that very minute, and with any luck, they noticed Louise’s decorated Subaru as a Merry Christmas gesture!

Louise says: “The astronauts are up there for months on end, they’re even up there for Christmas which made me feel a little bit sad. I really wanted to let them know we were thinking of them but I thought how can I wish them a Merry Christmas from Earth...CHRISTMAS LIGHTS”.

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